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Daily Tours

It is much easier now to escape from the monotonous and stressful life and the busy schedule in your city and do something different.

There are many options for going on domestic and foreign tours of entertaining and cultural nature. Capture the chance to take advantage of the most popular domestic and foreign tours for affordable prices.


Domestic Tours

Discover the countless natural and historical beauties of Turkey. The domestic tours planned with your beloved ones to experience unforgettable moments will take you to many special corners of the country through a comfortable journey.

Southeast Anatolia tours, Aegean-Mediterranean tours, Central Anatolian tours and blue voyage tours await you for a pleasing journey.

You may travel to the Black Sea famous for its magnificent nature and delicious meals to discover the unmatched beauties of the region.

After visiting the fairy chimneys and underground cities of Cappadocia, which are unique in the world, you can take a balloon tour to view this eye-catching panorama from a different perspective.

It is just another experience to put your legs into the warm waters of the historical and unique white travertines in Pamukkale and watch the sun go down the horizon.

Cyprus tours are among the alternatives as well, offering you a different experience.

In short, you spend your leisure time in the best way possible by joining the daily or weekend domestic tours fit for any budget with various price options.


Foreign Tours

Many countries have natural and historical beauties worth seeing. It is easier with affordable prices to visit and get to know different cultures and to taste some delights for the first time.


The Most Popular Foreign Tours

European tours that let you see many countries within a few days are the most popular ones.

Discover the Netherlands with Amsterdam tours and Spain with Barcelona tours. Join the tours to Paris, the capital of art and fashion, to visit the admirable museums and buildings and do shopping.

Balkan tours take you to the unique natural and historical beauties that have traces of our culture as well.


Visa-free Foreign Tours

You have the chance to go abroad without waiting to get a visa. Many countries can be visited visa-free.

The visa-free far east tours take you to a totally different cultural journey where you can enjoy the most popular Thailand tours with no visa.





  • To make reservation for the tours organized by Passo Turizm Seyahat, you may call us, apply in person or apply online.
  • 30% of the travel fee must be paid during the reservation registration and the balance paid at least 30 days before the tour starts.
  • If the balance is not paid within the given period of time, the reservation is cancelled and the customer is charged 30% of the payment as termination fee.
  • Passo Turizm Seyahat may make changes in the percent of advance payment made for the tour price.
  • The services purchased for the foreign tours do not include visa service fees and departure fees.
  • When travelling with vehicles such as plane, train and ship, any price increases related to these forms of transport, as well as taxes and other fees (increments) are reflected to the tour price when necessary.




a.   Passo Turizm Seyahat may postpone or cancel totally or in part the individual or group reservations made for the declared travel plan for reasons of security, natural disaster or other force majeure, regardless of any registrations made or deposit paid, right before the date the tour is expected to start.

b.   Passo Turizm Seyahat may cancel totally or in part the declared travel plan for any reason it may deem appropriate or when group reservations have not reached the sufficient level, regardless of any registrations made or deposit paid, at least 7 days before the date the tour is expected to start.

c.   Passo Turizm Seyahat may make changes in the tour program on condition that the main content is kept intact.

d.   Passo Turizm Seyahat has the right to change the airlines used for the air travels stated in the advertisement of the tour program. This does not give the consumer any right to compensation.

e.   If the consumer cancels the tour he/she had purchased at least one month before the starting date, the tour price is totally refunded. However, if the air, rail or ship tickets for the tour were purchased in advance, the rules imposed by the related travel agency for cancellation and change are reflected to the customer.

f.    Making changes of name is  definitely impossible for scheduled flights after the tour has been purchased.

In case the travel ticket purchased in the name of the consumer is lost, the penal clauses of the related airline are exactly reflected to the consumer.

g.   In case the consumer fails to give a written notice stating that he/she will participate the tour sometime after it has started, Passo Turizm Seyahat reserves the right to cancel all reservations to the name of the consumer 6 hours after the tour starts. The consumer is entitled to receive no refunds in such cancellations.



  • Passo Turizm Seyahat may change the hotels, the transportation means and the departure times to be used during the tour, on condition of sticking to the standards defined in the program.
  • Passo Turizm Seyahat reserves the right to transfer the customers to other tours with the same content organized by a different agency.
  • The tour programs provided duringthe reservation are examples only. The dates on which the extra tours shall take place as stated in the tour programs may be changed upon the tour guide’s initiative.
  • Force majeure that may occur before or during the tour are the circumstances that prevent the tour from being applied or change the usual course of the trip and are not controlled by the main service provider or the agency, for which our agency may not be held responsible.
  • The above mentioned force majeure are defined as war, military coup, chaos, earthquake, natural disaster, strike, lockout, technical breakdown of transport vehicles, negative conditions arising out of international relations and other extraordinary conditions not mentioned here.
  • Our company is not responsible for the tour cancellations resulting from the problems that occur at the borders or during passport checks due to the visa requirements of some countries.
  • Passo Turizm Seyahat reserves its rights related to the other ‘Force Majeure’ that are defined in the other legislation but not referred to here.



  • The consumer or consumers who have not signed the travel contract but do participate in the services subject to the contract shall be considered to have read this contract and agreed and undertaken the provisions herein by means of the people who have gifted them the tour or made the registration on their behalf.
  • The rights related to the permissible baggage sizes during the trip vary depending on the vehicle. The ideal luggage generally weighs no more than 20 kg and has a maximum size of 50 cm x 70 cm.
  • The final information about the baggage rights is notified to the customers before the trip, when the means of transport is clarified.
  • The consumer agrees and undertakes the liability to pay for the excessive baggage according to the tariff of the transport vehicles.
  • The consumer is responsible for the properties carried in the baggage during the trip. All responsibilities related to the food and drinks and other goods that may be illegal in the foreign countries belong to the baggage owner.
  • Apart from the services that are paid for by the consumer but not supplied by the provider, no refund is made for the cases in which the customer refuses to stay at the designated hotel or use the designated vehicle for any reason.
  • No refund is made in special cases where the consumer refuses, because of personal problems or excuses, to use the transportation and accommodation services provided by our company.
  • The consumer shall be responsible for all problems that may occur in case of refusing to use the transportation and accommodation services during the tour.
  • The consumer should cooperate with our company based on goodwill and care for having a better trip. The consumer is responsible for submitting the company during the performance of services a written notice of the things he/she disliked or complained about in relation to the travel.
  • Using the service until the end in spite of having complaints removes such compensation rights of the consumer as receiving substitute service in place of the subject of complaint and having a refund of money.
  • PASSO TURİZM SEYAHAT is not responsible for any problems, costs and other material /moral losses related to visa and passport that may incur during the visa procedure or when the consumer is denied access to the country of destination.
  • In cases of getting stuck at the customs and borders during passport and visa controls when travelling abroad, the consumer shall be the sole addressee of the rules of cancellation and change related to the accommodation and transportation services purchased on behalf of the consumer.
  • If it is our company who tracks the visa procedures in return for a service fee, no responsibility shall be assumed for the visa requests denied by the consulates and the visa tracking fee is not refunded.
  • The consumer must prepare all documents for the visa procedure requested by the related consulates. Passo Turizm Seyahat may not be held responsible for any missing documents.
  • The group leader who supervises the group during the tours on behalf of the company is responsible for giving information to the consumers about the tour program. The participating guests are expected to be particularly careful about the departure and waiting times at the beginning and during the tour and at the end of the day.
  • The participating guests must make sure to have received the tour information in full. Our company is not responsible for any issues and material losses that result from missing or misunderstanding the information given by the group leaders to the group in general.
  • The passengers who exhibit inappropriate behaviors in the group, violating the general rules and the tour guide’s directives and endangering the general safety of the group are banned from the tour.
  • Requests for changing the tour program may not be accepted since the program has been prepared according to a certain plan, including the related reservations and timing. The passengers who insist on changing the tour program and route and create a chaos are banned from the tour because of interrupting the program and the safety. This person shall be held responsible for all related troubles and other damages.
  • All travel insurance transactions provided by the consumer are governed by the rules of the related insurance company.
  • Any subjects not expressly included in this contract shall be governed by the law no 1618, the law no 4288 IA T A, IHAUFT AA convention provisions, civil aviation act, BK. TTK. International conventions to which Turkey is a party and the related regulations, statuses, circulars and internationally accepted Frankfurter Tabelle and its Turkish equivalent TÜRSAB Kütahya chart.
  • The consumer reads this contract during the reservation and accepts and undertakes the provisions herein. 

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